Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Happenings on NDP NE2 Show with Young NTUC

Can't wait for Saturday to come and at the same time can't bear for it to end...

An irony. This is how exactly I'm feeling at the point of rehearsal. Guess that's why I'm motivated to have an entry on the last NE show we had so that memories are being kept somewhere. =)

Will continue taking more photos for the upcoming shows! Do check it out! (=

2nd NDP YoungNTUC group photo taken at F1 pit with our flyer. First was at Kranji Camp, remember?

Mastering the NDP Theme song's dance moves so that we can perform during the finale and we are going to pick up the dance moves for the ending of the song.

While getting ready to move to the float for our segment performance and so we posed for more photos! hahaha...

Teacher Liu came to us on stage and we grabbed the chance to have photos together. Very friendly and funny teacher we have! =)

One of our NDP coordinators, Xin Yee and very enthu aunties.  In pink is Aunt Siew who participated in last year's Chingay - Zumba! 

These kids are very cooperating and fun loving! Just take out your camera and get ready to shoot, they will just gather and pose for you! lol...

Never forget the jump shots especially for a place where it is so wide for you to do whatever kind of pose you like.

Waiting for our finale! 

NTUC Group 1 taken after finale. 

With the YoungNTUC in charge - Yee Man and Eric and we have mutual friends who is my neighbour colleague, Freddy! Just found out one more who is both Yee Man and my friend, Minhan! Small world indeed!

More photos with the cute little girls! <3

At the holding area after our BUILD segment performance and from here, we will be moving to G5 for our finale.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Updates and thoughts

Heys, it's been a very long time since I login in to blog! Probably it isn't my cup of tea, haha...However, for tonight, I have the urge to do so. Just came back from a meet up with my secondary school classmates who, all of us,  sat side by side one another during the last year of our secondary school life. He, Chinwei, who sat between my secondary school bff, Huanglin is leaving for US to further his studies next month! It's been like about 3 years we last met together. 3 years and I realised the changes in my life. We started to updating one another about our life these years. Time flies...we have know each other for 12 years!

Some updates of me recently, re-track back to May 13...

- End of May: attended briefing for NDP performance under Young NTUC.

- June-current: been attending every sat's NDP rehearsal and will do so until our nation's big day, 8th Aug!

- Mid July: Kevin's story was selected and posted on NDP website,! and so is my face! photo taken at The Fall, Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay last December.

- Now to 9th Aug: 2 NEs, 1 preview then to actual and more fun and laughters ahead with more photos!!!

Get to know more friends and thanks to the power of social media nowadays, from Facebook, I also get to know that some of us have mutual friends like my colleague to neighbour to my 'god brother', who my mum used to babysit him before and we watched him grow up! Yea, it's a small world afterall! =)

I am grateful to get to know all the Young NTUC participants and I'm always looking forward to see them every Saturday. Of course, not forgetting all things we went through together. We had NDP 2011, squeezing through the crowd, taking photos, video-ing fireworks outside Marina Bay City Gallery and him blogging down the experience. NDP 2012, got NE tickets from my mentor colleague, Fauziah to catch the NDP show at the Float and on actual day, tag along him as a media for blogging event with Young NTUC at the Promontory.  AND for this year....., we are performing together under the BUILD segment for Young NTUC! so much memories... ;)

Other than participating in NDP...

- Zumba continues...and it has been going 5 months since I started out. I enjoy so much and I named it as a 'day clubbing' and a healthier one! by the way, will be going with my first NDP friend, Lina to a Zumba event under PA which will be held on 4th Aug at Marina Bay Sands. They are getting 1000 ladies to Zumba out for National Day! So looking forward! Partly, because Zumba classes have been cancelled recently. =(

Am start to think what to do after NDP...some of my plans include to take up:

- Kpop/Hip-Hop dance
- Wine appreciation course
- Voluntary Work

Actually there are many more and they are more like my dreams...

Guess I should stop here! It's 3:30am and I can't wait to meet my friends at F1 pit for rehearsal and NE2 show at the Float later!!! Catch some rest first and hope that I will be back soon for more updates!!! =)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Signed up for Zumba!

I'm so pleased with myself that I finally signed up for Zumba, finally, I brought myself to my nearest community centre to sign up! will be starting on 17th Mar (Sun) morning, total 8 lessons which will last till May. PAssion card member at $90 and non-card member at $95. Very affordable isn't it for 8 lessons?!

Working out with more movements and fun - coming soon! 

Friday, 22 February 2013

Second V-Day

A day visting S.E.A.Aquarium, taking photos of marine life and having fun taking the below shot...
To hold on no matter what comes
Surprise bouquet sent to office. A day late as he doesn't want me to carry it around in the aquarium while taking photos and am still very happy to receive one (I love flowers!).
feel special carrying this home on 15th instead of 14th Feb
He might not be checking out my blog as I rarely blog. Just wanna say thanks to him for everything too. It's been going 2 years together and I hope for the best in us for everything now and also the future.  <3!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Surprise from Loving Marina Bay Photo Competition

A surprise indeed!

Didn't know that I won something from the competition until bf told me. Apparently, I think I was unreachable and wasn't in any of the winners' announcement on facebook. By the way, it's my first time winning! Haha, anyway, this is the prize - $30 Sansui Sumiyaki & Bar/Sol Tasca voucher, Marina Bay memorabilia (totebag with umbrella) and a pair of Gardens by the Bay Cooled Conservatories admission tickets! Thanks Marina Bay SG!

However, I still don't know which one won the above as I submitted a total of 4 photos... :(

#1 - A half an hour ride with 360 degree view of the heart of Singapore, the Singapore Flyer

I have seen photos taken from this angle and it is quite common. Thus, I included a small part of a branch of a tree at Gardens by the Bay in it. Hmm...and with the weather like this, I don't see anything special about this photo...

#2 - away from bustles

Trying to portray the peacefulness that you can find in our fast and busy pace of city though it seems like it doesn't really represent Marina Bay much. Taken with miniature effect. Discovered that photo would turn out more impressive when taken from a height.

#3 - Bayshore Station brings convenience to our trip to Gardens By the Bay.

I am hoping for this to be won as out of these 4, I feel most proud of this one! Again, it also seems like it doesn't really represent Marina Bay much... But I just simply love this taken in miniature effect which it just fits so well. Look at those people and cars...machiam toys right!

#4 - Reflection - another way of looking at our CBD development.

I'm sure this is another common angle that most people will shoot. Personally feel that the water pond of the Artscience museum can do a better reflection than the river. Heez...

I am glad that this motivates me more to shoot better and will continue working hard! =)

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

BBQ White Venus and Gong Gong overdosed

My last weekend in November was a happening one, 2 days of family chalet at Downtown East and 2D1N to Batam with Rashidah for her 'pamper-myself-birthday-treat'.

For the chalet, we did 2 days of supermarketing for our 2 days of BBQ and that's how we ended up overdosed by white venus and gong gong. First day, we had 2kg+ of white venus and followed by 4kg+ of it again and about 2kg+ of gong gong. Don't remember exactly how heavy were the gong gong that we scooped but am pretty sure for the white venus. We were just spamming lo! haha...

Here comes the BBQ part...

#1 White Venus
Simply place them on the wire mesh. Of course, we had soaked them in salt water and rinsed a few times before bbq-ing!

And wait till one by one opens its 'mouth'! Sometimes 'pop' sound can be heard. This also means that it's cooked! When it opens we dabbed butter on it before feeding ourselves. The buttery seafood taste makes it irresistible to eat!

#2 Gong Gong
Not forgetting the Gong Gong that I learnt to eat from this BBQ session...

As I didn't take any photo of it, image taken from Yahoo! and it was from It looks like this... 

My cousin showing how to pull out the flesh using a toothpick and eat it...

So, this entry concluded how much we love eating them! Haha...that's why we are overdosed!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Puddings at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe has a new two storey high branch at Holland Village which is just a few steps away from the MRT station exit. Had century egg+chicken meat congee (recommended!) and dim sums (siew mai and liu sha bao) for dinner. Puddings for desserts.

Ordered Mango Pudding+Vanilla Ice-cream first. The ice-cream makes it tastes better.

Not satisfied, we add on another pudding, the Milk Tea pudding which comes in a teacup and saucer. The presentation is interesting but can be misleading too if one doesn't look before consuming. Pudding tastes abit like kueh ko swee but just not as strong. I personally feel that this is something that is worth trying. But for those whose stomach isn't laxative tolerance, try to refrain from this. 

A good and reasonable place to dine at especially when you have no idea where to go for late night supper - it opens till 4am daily!

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (Holland Village) 
251 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278981
Tel: +65 6469 0325
Business Hours:
Mon to Sun – 11am to 4am